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Events for Planetary Citizens

The Planetary Citizenry have vast interests in people, places and things that promote harmony among people and planet. The practical and pragmatic investigator often finds that there is an internal component associated with the more esoteric side of the equation. Various events across a wide range of topics include aspects of planetary consciousness, a new living awareness that permeates sustainable development.

So necessarily science and spirituality need to coalesce and corroborate how inner and outer realities are intended to blend into one symbiotic expression of life within the individual first, then roll out into the society as a whole through every system in place.

How can we collaborate or expedite the roll out? One of the ways is through the integration of social responsibility standards throughout personal and professional endeavors. Most industries have events to promote their agendas and/or update their constituents. Few involve organizations or professionals outside their specific industry except when it has a financial impact to do so.

Why is Social Responsibility Important?

Organizations aroudn the world, and their stakeholders, are becoming increasingly aware of the need for and benefits of socially responsibile behavior. The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.

An organization's performance in relation to the society in which it operates and to its impact on the environment has become a critical part of measuring its overal performance and its ability to continue operating effectively. This is, in part, a reflection of the growing recognition of the need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good organizational governance.

In the long run, all organizations' activities depend on the health of the world's ecosystems. Organizations are subject to greater scrutiny by thier various stakeholders. Now it might be a good time to cross-pollenate industries and organizations that use the same or similar processes and strategies for their deliverables; people, places and things that can serve better with a wider range of effectivity and scope. The result - redirection of resources that serve larger needs.

Collaboration and communication are key components of this model. Future events bring systems thinking into an entirely new learning organization - the planetary citizens that seek to understand how to better live and work in a world that is changing faster than existing systems can manage effectively.

Some events that may interest you:

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Techknowledge 2014 Non profit technology network  
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International Conference
Earth Science & Climate Change
East Side Institute  association for business communication