Modeling – A Good Start

Barbara Marx-Hubbard’s dimensions of the Co-Creation Wheel is a conceptual tool designed to help individuals and groups understand how they can actively participate in the conscious evolution of humanity. Other models are certainly used, though this systems approach works for our purpose.

The wheel divides the process of societal transformation into several sectors or areas of focus, each representing a different aspect of human activity or a different dimension of life. Perceiving a holistic system promotes interdependence of each sector with the others.

Below we describe each sector typically included in such models and relate them to the focus areas that would be relevant for Planetary Citizens. Suggestions for engagement are also included, though far from inclusive. Collaboration allows people, places and things to emerge anew.

Dimensions of the Co-Creation Wheel

  1. Health & Wellness: This area focuses on improving physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. For Planetary Citizens, this could involve promoting holistic health practices, encouraging a balance between body and mind, and supporting efforts to make healthcare more accessible and sustainable.
  2. Learning &  Education: Involves transforming the way we learn and teach. Planetary Citizens might focus on educational reforms that incorporate sustainability, global citizenship, and interdisciplinary studies that blend science with spirituality.
  3. Economics & Business: This sector seeks to redefine economic systems to be more equitable and sustainable. Planetary Citizens could advocate for circular economies, sustainable business practices, and economic justice.
  4. Governance & Law: This area includes innovations in political systems and leadership. Planetary Citizens might be involved in promoting participatory democracy, transparency in governance, and the integration of ethical standards in leadership.
  5. Science & Technology: Focuses on advancing technology and science for positive social and environmental impacts. Planetary Citizens could support clean energy technologies, sustainable agriculture innovations, and scientific research that aims at harmonizing technology with ecological sustainability.
  6. Media & Communications: Involves using media to enlighten and empower society. Planetary Citizens might promote media literacy, support the creation of content that uplifts and educates, and utilize media to spread awareness about global issues.
  7. Arts & Culture: Encompasses using art to express and catalyze social change. Planetary Citizens could encourage art that reflects cultural diversity, fosters community, and conveys messages of unity and peace.
  8. Energy, Food, & Water: This sector focuses on restoring and protecting the planet’s resources. Planetary Citizens’ efforts might include campaigns for conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable land management.
  9. Social Justice & Security: Aims to address inequalities and work towards a more just society. Planetary Citizens might focus on issues like human rights, gender equality, and the eradication of poverty.
  10. Spirituality & Religion: Involves exploring and integrating spiritual practices into daily life. Planetary Citizens might promote interfaith understanding, spiritual ecology, and practices that connect individuals to their inner selves and the larger cosmos.
  11. Environment & Infrastructure: Concerns the physical and organizational structures needed for society to operate. Planetary Citizens might advocate for green building, sustainable urban planning, and resilient infrastructure that can withstand environmental changes.
  12. Relationships & Empowerment: Focuses on interpersonal relationships and community building. Planetary Citizens could work on fostering collaboration and mutual support among different communities and cultures.

These sectors, together in the Co-Creation Wheel, encourage a holistic approach to planetary stewardship and personal responsibility, aligning with the goals of nurturing a sustainable and equitable world. Extrapolating social enterprise potentials are explored here.

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