Welcome to Planetary Citizens Global Fund!

Blessings for your journey here and in life. I’m Zen Benefiel, the orchestrator of this activity as part of my contribution to the emerging harmony among people and planet we all seek today. I’m following the breadcrumbs of my path, creating opportunities and assisting others as a servant leader. I’m not only a survivor, I’m a thriver in the perpetual changes of life and living.

It is an honor to present this model at this time of planetary need for transformation; co-creating our sustainable future so we can thrive together. We aren’t fighting anything, even change. We embrace it. The design of this site is an activity to educate, connect and support co-creating a ‘new normal’ we know can happen that is good for all of us. I have no ‘ownership’ of this activity. 

Collectively, we have tremendous opportunity ahead as we enter a new age of intelligence, an evolution where science and spirituality continue to merge. Great minds are converging to reveal ancient knowledge applicable today; the true ‘apocalypse’ we’ve been anticipating. I am that different drummer, with a heartbeat you can dance to and an invitation to let your music emerge.

My life-long quest has been about learning how and then practicing facilitating   harmony among people and planet in simple ways that cover the practical and pragmatic activities necessary. There are simple principles we follow; natural order, servant leadership, and  transparency. I am blessed with a healthy mind, body and spirit to allow my soul to fly now, accompanied by my twin flame, Luba.

Her encouragement led to producing One World in a New World podcast, recently hitting one million views, which led to Live and Let Live Foundation and Global Peace Movement, which led to Planetary Citizens Global Fund. So here we are and we’re just getting started. Thank you for give some of your time to explore this site and its rationale, bringing emotion and logic together to serve everyone.

Zen & Luba – 2024

Charting a Course: My Journey as a Facilitator of Transformation

My career path has been unique, to say the least, across multiple environments and industries, providing experience, learning and performance enhancements. I play a small role, along with many others. I’m acting as if what I believe to be true is; there are many facilitators and wayshowers, some already evident, who’ve come to serve a larger cause that includes yet is beyond planetary transformation.

My skill set is expansive, evidenced by my CV, with hard and soft skill mastery from multiple short-term ‘careers’ and facilitating people, places and things to produce amazing results for over 30 years. The pragmatic side of me is edified through a deep spiritual connection and understanding of quantum systems; relationships of emotion, thoughts and interactions that produce reality. We simply cannot think our way through a system built on vibration, we must sense our way. It makes sense, too. 

Revealing that ‘facilitating a new world order‘ as my mission in life, with a  rite of passage at 18 delivering the memo for my life’s journey, has been excruciatingly fun. 50 years ago, I paid a hefty price for speaking up. Thirty years ago, after starting a family and divorcing, I began talking to others openly with  One World TV show in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, as I’ve mentioned above, life has been rich with education, opportunity and wise council.

Luba’s entrance into my life in 2016 profoundly impacted my productivity and purposefulness, we wed in 2017. Raised in Leninigrad, USSR, which became St. Petersburg in 1991, she was trained and is a piano pedagogue, with a studio full of students today. Our cultural mix took some time to evolve into a coherent and cohesive relationship as one, empowered and fueled by our diversity and our love. We seek to uncover deep connections with each other, to life, and our world.

Along with our differences, discoveries, distilled educations, experiences in professions, music and life, we’ve found ecstasy of discovering flow with each other. My prior work of facilitating people, places and things to work together better with coherence, cohesion of skill sets, passion and purpose took an evo-leap in producing a podcast, becoming Operations Director for  Live and Let Live, and now Planetary Citizens Global Fund. Life for me now carries with it a sense beyond common internally, yet common to each of us as a sense of ‘oneness’ pervades.

Today, after the sequestration and self-examination, it doesn’t sound so incredulous. In fact, many have an awareness of a shift and are networking with others, honing their skills and seeking cohorts to engage a more resonant path in life that aligns with sense of happiness and harmony. When we harvest our past, we can see the future, its foretelling and the path ahead to get there.

I know I stretch the boundaries of sanity, perhaps, yet if we don’t follow the inner promptings, how can we know if they are true or not? Rather than ask why, I proceed with ‘why not?’ It has a sense to it that is ineffable and yet demonstrable through a daily experience. I invite you to join us and explore the potential and support the effort in some way.

I’ve begun with a basic format and structure that leads toward further community building in ways that facilitate more appropriate activities that have yet to be synergized. If you are reading this, it would indicate you’ve been led here. We know the general direction we’re going, they it’s a team effort to get there. ” Navigating Holistic Growth: The Servant Leader’s Guide” presents considerations as to how we might develop.

I am available for quality conversation, podcast guesting or guest speaking on the topic of harmony.

With deepest gratitude and unwavering commitment,

Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, TLC, DD

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