A Mission for Harmony and Sustainability

Plantary Citizens StoryHarvesting the Past

The Planetary Citizens’ story began in the 1970s, founded by Donald Keys and was a pioneering organization committed to promoting global consciousness, peace, and sustainability. Alongside Keys, other notable members such as Norman Cousins, Aurelio Peccei, and Gordon Feller played significant roles in shaping the group’s direction. Feller, in particular, contributed to the organization’s efforts in advocating for environmental stewardship and sustainable urban development during his tenure. The collective aim of Planetary Citizens was to transcend political, cultural, and geographical boundaries, uniting people in their common humanity and shared responsibility for the planet. Through educational initiatives, advocacy, and collaboration with other organizations, the group sought to inspire a sense of global citizenship and encourage active participation in creating a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Introduction of the Future

Planetary Citizens has been reborn today, still dedicated to promoting global unity and sustainability through diverse holistic approaches. The mission encompasses educational, environmental, governmental, and societal challenges, fostering regenerative cultures and true democratic communities for a harmonious future. The concept of being a planetary citizen involves understanding humanity’s emotional and environmental predicament and taking action to address it. We live half inside and half outside, misunderstanding the internal because we are bereft of experiencing it fully in order to address the external world impacted by our unconscious and/or maligned behavior. Solutions are emerging! Planetary Citizens story deserves to be heard.

Welcome to PlanetaryCitizens.net

https://planetarycitizens.net/our-story/The digital epicenter of Planetary Citizens celebrates collective action and diverse solutions for a harmonious world. The website aims to unite people beyond borders in a common purpose to create a thriving future. In December 2023, Planetary Citizens received a 509(a)(2) status from the IRS in the United States, promising a bright year ahead in 2024. The website is seeking team members for this project and invites donations to support the network of conscious co-creators. This is a self-initiating activity that unites personal and professional skillsets, passion and purpose. Many have felt the progression of a much anticipated evolutionary leap for humanity. Most recently, there’s even a movement for happiness. We put this list of communities together over the last couple of decades, some may be inactive.

Our Hopes for the Future

Planetary Citizens envisions a vibrant tapestry of movements, each with unique solutions and perspectives. The global community is committed to fostering harmony and sustainability in every aspect of life. The website encourages visitors to explore, engage, and collaborate with individuals and organizations working towards a better world. The founder’s recent book, ” Navigating Holistic Growth: The Servant Leader’s Guide,” serves as a primer for collaborative growth and harmony among people and planet. We envision a burgeoning community that gathers to serve humanity in ways never imagined possible until recently.

Progress Beyond the Pandemic

In recent years, new groups have emerged online, providing education, inspiration, and organizational structure. Developments like the Global Regeneration CoLab, Global Ecovillage Network Planet Home , Global Regeneration Corps , and the Regenerative Development Group and Re-Build.co are examples of collaborative efforts towards regenerative communities working towards sustainable and equitable systems. Organizations such as Conscious Enterprise Network (business leaders), Multiverse (AI for leadership) and the Octopus Movement (non-linear thinkers) are addressing diversity, including neuro-diversity, in new ways to support free thinking in psychologicially safe and intellectually humble gatherings; Ghandian Global Harmony Association strives to eliminate nuclear weaponry while the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement seeks to remove aggression from the Law, with PC’s founder as Operations Director. Our team will research and curate a growing list of participating world servers to share as a sustained activity.

The Time is NOW

The current global situation demands a shift from old ways to a new world order focused on people and planet over profit. Regenerative design and whole systems thinking are key to creating resilient systems that integrate societal needs with nature’s integrity. Planetary Citizens advocates for a crowd-sourced planetary management system that replaces failing systems with holistic and regenerative alternatives with interconnected platforms. We believe there is a natural order of design, including human, that is a driving factor in this profound activity. We cannot think our way through a system built on vibration, we must sense our way through; restoring natural senses previously diminished by educational and societal ignorance. We invite your participation!

Vision for the Future

Planetary Citizens envisions an empowered, egalitarian, purely democratic, and caring community at all levels, managing essential infrastructure for regenerative culture, sustainable living, and future technology development. The community aims to present collaborative solutions for dysfunctional systems, resulting in harmony among people and planet. This activity examples the notion of the One being in Many and, as servant leaders, we lead the way as examples of collaboration and navigating holistic growth of our global village, preparing for entrance into our rightful place in universe affairs. Some notions are discussed in a conversation the founder had with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove for New Thinking Allowed recently.

Regenerative Communities and Culture

The website showcases individuals, places, and things contributing to a new world order of harmony. It emphasizes the importance of self-organization and collaboration to address global challenges. The concept of a “new world order” is redefined as an emerging order that transcends fear, anger, ignorance, and immobility. Given the recent discoveries in quantum sciences, it only makes sense that humanity is experiencing and evolutionary leap in the application of bridging inner and outer worlds. One World in a New World examples conversations about that process of briding inner and outer worlds individually and collectively, with guests like Dr. Ervin Laszlo, two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Deborah Levine, Publisher of the American Diversity Report, and Dr. Daniel Wahl, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures. Our future vision includes a speakers bureau of a variety of thought-leaders across the gamut of education, industry, science and society.

What’s Next for Planetary Citizens Global Fund?

Planetary Citizens Global Fund supports the development of solutions and their discoveries in various fields, including academia, economic restructuring, organizational development, and technological advances. The website promotes redesigning our future with sustainable living in mind and encourages collaboration towards a better world. It also explores the next frontier of human evolution, focusing on the intersection of technology, consciousness, and spirituality. We are not alone in these endeavors, acting as a curator, a dot connector, fulfulling the mission and vision given to our founder in 1975. We invite you to be a part of this journey together, ascending to a new order of magnitude in our ability to lead people, places and things in support of people and planet over profit. This is our Planetary Citizens story, and you are a co-author.

One World in a New World – Apocalyptic Chats

Addressing Education

Spectrum Academy takes a holistic educational approach, integrating academic, social, and emotional learning to support diverse student needs. This project not only promotes community involvement but also ensures that students grow into well-rounded individuals capable of making positive societal contributions. By focusing on such comprehensive development, Spectrum Academy sets a foundational stage for lifelong learning and community engagement. The development of Spectrum Academy represents a visionary leap in educational strategies for at-risk youth in Arizona, spearheaded by Zen Benefiel after his extensive experiences teaching in various challenging environments. Zen’s background includes teaching at inner-city public and charter schools as well as a residential treatment center for adjudicated youth, where he gained firsthand insight into the complex needs and potential of these students. It’s a dream waiting for molding reality.
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