Early Beginnings

In the vibrant tapestry of the early 1990s, a thread emerged that would weave its way through the fabric of time to reemerge three decades later. This thread was the “One World” TV show, a visionary project hosted by Zen Benefiel, a man whose name would become synonymous with the exploration of consciousness and the unification of global citizens. Early on, from 1990, and before his moniker arrived, he produced over 120 TV shows peering into the depths of how inner and outer worlds were aligned for personal and professional success.

“One World” was more than just a show; it was a beacon for those seeking deeper understanding and connectivity at a time when the world was on the cusp of a digital revolution. Zen’s unique ability to engage with topics of sustainability, unity, and conscious living resonated with many, providing a platform for dialogue and discovery.

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As the wheel of time turned, the show took a hiatus, but Zen’s journey did not. He continued to be a transformational life coach, an author, a speaker, and a beacon for those navigating the complexities of personal and professional growth. His work through Planetary Citizens platformed global unity and sustainability, becoming a testament to his unwavering commitment to a harmonious and sustainable future.

Then, as if predestined by the cosmos, “One World” was reborn from its embers, transforming into “One World in a New World”. After 30 years, Zen Benefiel returned to the screen, not just as a host but as a galvanizing force for a new era. This evolution mirrored the transformation of the world itself—a world that had become interconnected in ways that the earliest viewers of “One World” could scarcely have imagined.

“One World in a New World” continued the legacy of its predecessor, yet it spoke to the modern audience, an audience living in the aftermath of a global pandemic, in the throes of digital saturation, and at the forefront of a renewed call for sustainability. Zen, with his characteristic wisdom and foresight, recognized the hunger for connectivity and understanding that transcended borders, ideologies, and cultures.

The show became a confluence where experts, thought leaders, and everyday individuals came together to share, learn, and envision the future. It was a place where dialogue sparked innovation, where stories of transformation inspired action, and where the vision of a unified planet became more than just an ideal—it became a blueprint for the way forward.

Zen Benefiel’s voice echoed not just through the studio but into the hearts and minds of his audience, both old and new. As a steward of the planet and an advocate for the collective journey, he reminded everyone that our story is one, our challenges are shared, and our destiny is collectively ours to shape. It’s nearing one million views.

And so, the narrative of “One World” continued, not as a mere sequel to a show but as an ongoing journey towards understanding, unity, and the dawn of a new world. Below you’ll notice the feed for the channel, recent shorts and full-length ‘apocalyptic chats’ with thought leaders across industries and professions that uncover knowledge and understanding through generative conversations that matter.

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