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Planetary Citizens Global Fund

Planetary Citizens is a 509(a)(2) nonprofit, EIN 93-4055628*

Mission: Promoting global unity and sustainability through diverse, holistic approaches to educational, environmental, governmental, societal, and delivery systems challenges, fostering regenerative cultures and true democratic communities for a harmonious future.

Calling Planetary Citizens

Welcome to our visionary platform, a unique virtual model designed to be populated and enriched by self-initiating participants who are inspired to contribute their expertise.

Mother Earth is our home, we cannot truly ‘own’ her, or pieces of her. That is a construct created to promote capitalism. It’s divisive by nature. We are breathing new life into the groundbreaking work initiated by Donald Keys and others with Planetary Citizens over 50 years ago.

We each are Planetary Citizens by default, yet we haven’t collectively acknowledged it. In a time of rapid change and evolution of humanity, why not? We MUST learn how to work together in co-creating a sustainable the thriving future.

We invite you to participate in our activities, collaborate on projects, and become a part of a global activity dedicated to creating a legacy of hope and resilience for generations to come.

Together, collaboratively and cooperatively, we can assist the evolution of harmony among people and planet, turning our collective vision into a living, breathing reality.

Your journey as a change-maker continues here. Join us in this journey of discovery, growth, and action as we work together to create a more sustainable, peaceful, and thriving world for generations to come. Arriving here now is important. We are all called to a greater mission today.

Does your calling or inspired living fit with our mission?

Dear Esteemed Visitors, Potential Members, and Planetary Citizens,

Welcome to the Planetary Citizens Global Fund. At the heart of our mission lies the unifying principle that interconnectivity is not just an ideal, but the foundational fabric of a thriving planetary society. In an era defined by both profound division and unprecedented connectivity, the necessity for platforms that transcend geographical, cultural, and ideological boundaries is more evident than ever.

Planetary Citizens Global Fund was conceived as a beacon of this new connectivity, a space where individuals from all corners of the Earth can converge not just to communicate, but to actively participate in shaping a future that values the collective over the isolation of the individual. This website serves as both a connecting node and a marketplace of ideas and resources, promoting sustainable practices and innovations that benefit humanity as a whole.

Our rationale is deeply rooted in the understanding that every action, every exchange, and every collaboration carries the potential to impact the global community. By fostering an environment that encourages these interactions, we enable a cross-pollination of cultures, ideas, and solutions, making strides toward global resilience and sustainability.

Commerce here is not merely transactional but transformational, intended to support projects and initiatives that align with our vision of a harmonious planet. Each transaction is an investment in a shared future, a step towards realizing the potential of our collective capacity. We support people and planet over profit, yet strive for an equitable transition for future thrivability. For now, we’ll work within existing systems until better ones are created.

Join us at Planetary Citizens Global Fund, where your presence and participation contribute to a tapestry of global change, weaving together the threads of individual actions into a fabric strong enough to support the weight of a new world consciousness. Together, we are not just citizens of our respective nations but of a vibrant, interconnected planet.

Please explore the website. It is a work in progress demonstrating the direction and rationale at present. I’m not a programmer or expert web developer, though I am able to craft a preliminary model that molds pasion and purpose into pragmatic activities. We invite your help, however you can offer it. This is all about people of purpose helping others to achieve our collective goal – harmony among people and planet.

With love, respect and unyielding commitment,

Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, TLC, DD

* A 509(a)(2) organization is a type of nonprofit public charity under U.S. tax law that primarily receives its support from a combination of gifts, grants, and the revenue it generates from activities related to its tax-exempt purposes.

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