As a Planetary Citizen, I pledge to:

Honor and respect the Earth, recognizing it as a living entity that sustains all life. I commit to living in harmony with nature, protecting its diversity, and preserving its beauty for future generations.

Embrace the wisdom of indigenous traditions, acknowledging their deep connection to the land and their holistic understanding of the interdependence of all life. I pledge to learn from their practices, values, and respect for the natural world.

Foster a sense of unity and compassion among all beings, understanding that we are all part of a global community. I commit to promoting peace, equity, and justice, recognizing the inherent dignity and rights of every individual, regardless of race, gender, culture, or species.

Act as a steward of the planet, taking personal and collective responsibility for the environmental challenges we face. I pledge to adopt sustainable practices, reduce my ecological footprint, and advocate for policies that protect the Earth’s resources.

Cultivate a mindset of interconnectedness, recognizing that the well-being of humanity is inseparable from the health of the Earth. I commit to personal growth and self-awareness, understanding that my actions have a ripple effect on the global ecosystem.

Support the regeneration of the Earth, actively participating in the restoration of ecosystems, the preservation of biodiversity, and the healing of our planet. I pledge to be a voice for the voiceless, standing in solidarity with all life forms in the pursuit of a sustainable and just world.

By taking this pledge and subscribing, I commit to being a guardian of the Earth, a bridge between cultures, and an advocate for a world where all life is revered and cherished.

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Planetary Citizens Public Charity & Social Enterprise

We are a 509(a)(2) public charity under the IRS statutes. Our EIN is 93-4055628 and vetted by GuideStar (GiveLively), PayPal and Percent (Google Nonprofit).

In our startup, contributions of any amount certainly ease the stress in delegating the manyhatman’s copious details and deliverables necessary to fulfill our mission. Our heart-felt gratitude for your generosity. If you are the self-initiating sort and can see a way to fulfill your life’s passion and purpose with or through this activity, please reach out to

Your donations bring us to life, allowing us to continue our mission. Join us in anticipating a soar in ’24!

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Our Founder’s journey to awakening and discovering his life purpose is a tale of inner transformation and a deep connection to the greater cosmos. From a young age, Zen felt an inexplicable pull towards understanding the mysteries of existence and the interconnectedness of all life. His quest for knowledge led him to explore various spiritual traditions and philosophies, seeking answers to the profound questions that stirred within him, such as, how to create harmony among people and planet in his lifetime. He received that ‘calling’ as a teen in college and has given his life to serve that purpose; a ‘new normal’ of divine design.

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