A Brief on Zen

Bruce ‘Zen’ Benefiel’s life story is a captivating narrative of transformation and cosmic connection, beginning with his adoption and leading to a profound spiritual awakening. From a young age, he was driven by an insatiable curiosity about the universe’s mysteries. His search for meaning reached a climax at 18, during a powerful meditation experience that revealed the interconnectedness of all existence and set him on his life’s path.

This awakening fueled his commitment to help others recognize their true potential and the interconnection we all share, and beginning again. After a trifecta of tragedies, and with the help of getting his moniker during production of One World TV shows, Zen’s professional journey as a transformational coach, author, leader, and media host has been dedicated to fostering a global shift in consciousness, encouraging individuals to embrace their authentic selves and work towards a harmonious future.

Zen’s personal life echoes his spiritual journey. At 59, he found love again with a woman whose spiritual depth and past as a piano pedagogue and Kundalini yoga teacher complemented his own journey. Their union, perceived as a ‘cosmic conspiracy,’ beautifully illustrates the serendipitous nature of Zen’s life and work, bound by a mission to nurture a sustainable and connected world.

Founder of Planetary Citizens

Zen Benefiel’s journey with Planetary Citizens reflects his profound dedication to global unity and environmental stewardship. Inspired by his wife Luba, his work spans transformative roles from authoring insightful books like ” ZERO to ONE” to leading discussions on the ” One World in a New World” podcast. The latter has garnered significant attention, reaching one million views on YouTube, facilitating deep conversations about inner awareness and practical societal solutions.

As the Director of Operations for the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement, Zen integrates these discussions into actionable programs promoting peace and sustainability through moral and legal principles. This role symbolizes his commitment to removing aggression and fostering global harmony.

Together with Luba, Zen embodies the essence of his teachings and writings, aiming to fulfill his life-long mission. Their partnership not only enhances his professional endeavors but also amplifies their shared vision of love, consciousness, and planetary well-being, inspiring others to join in this transformative journey toward a more connected and peaceful world.

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