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A truly empowered egalitarian, purely democratic and caring community, at all levels, managing the essential infrastructure for sustainable living and development of future technologies. A community that truly presents collaborative solutions for any and all dysfunctional systems that have ruled humanity to date, resulting in the demonstration of harmony among people and planet. (ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards apply)

How do we create value in the 21st Century? How do we create bridges for a holistic systems approach to planetary administration and merge diversity effectively? Whether we fear or welcome it, there is a 'new world order' that is emerging. How do we, as planetary citizens, make sure that the momentum takes us toward living as ONE - one people, one planet, one time?

Please take a moment and watch the video in the uppor right -, a timely message from one of the original actor/activists for human beings - Khigh Dhiegh, PhD. I had the honor of knowing him. Stepping out of the patterns and overcoming the pressures of global business concerns can best be exampled by what President Chavez of Venezuela did for his country, in spite of the news to the contrary.

It all seems to make perfect sense when we realize that there are enough resources to feed, clothe, house and provide health care for everyone. We've placed the economics of war over human life, though, and that mindset has to change soon or we'll self-destruct. Even with those supposedly working for 'good'... are they more interested in sharing or selling you something? The truly confusing piece of information is that we spend more money on corporate and military functions than, if redirected, would provide more than enough funds to feed, clothe, house and care for practically everyone. Of course those are statistics, but what if they are true?

Donald Keys, speech writer for U Thant in the 60s, coined the phrase Planetary Citizen on the way to creating The New World Alliance.

From Donald Keys circa 1982... "To cross over the threshold and enter into a world of new and exciting promise requires us to fulfill the tasks immediately before us: first, to become aware; second, to accept responsibility for the human situation; third, to acquire skills; and fourth, to act wisely and well, consciously and continuously on behalf of... a better future for humanity."

The drive for transparency provides a compelling opportunity to self-organize as a Planetary Society and to explore a common desire; harmony among people and planet as a goal for planetary citizens. We've reached a time where possibily can become reality. Defining a timeline is less important than education and understanding; making sense common allows better resource management in the shared responsibility, shared benefits and shared values.

From Dr. Edgar Mitchell, sixth man on the moon..."No man I know of has gone to the moon that has not been affected in some way that is similar. It is what I prefer to call instant global consciousness. Each man comes back with a feeling he is no longer only an American citizen; he is a planetary citizen. He doesn't like the way things are and he wants to improve them. It is a universal feeling among the astronauts."

It is time we made sense common together. PC's vision is to rally support and showcase those who are playing fair. Foreward: how - Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything: "Our mission must be to create a global community of shared responsibilities, shared benefits, and shared values. The new focus will require all of us to think about the how, and to find new ways to take action to solve the global issues that none of us can tackle alone."   That title speaks to this moment and our lives. How do we create value in the 21st Century?

collective evolution- harmony among people and planet. The drive for transparency provides a compelling opportunity to self-organize as a Planetary Society and to explore a common desire; harmony among people and planet as a goal for planetary citizens. We've reached a time where possibily can become reality. Defining a timeline is less important than education and understanding; making sense common allows better resource management in the shared responsibility, shared benefits and shared values.

Consideration and compassion grow as we each embrace the challenge to change personally, professionally and politically. Chaos to order is a natural pattern, each fractal naturally resolving into the whole, a holistic system by design. Unresolved unspoken and unfulilled expectations, our natural desire to merge with something greater, offers the structural tension to move us forward toward positive change.'s mission is to create, expose and nurture positive change in the world. We hope to give you pertinent information and relevant facts in the process. Donald Keys, speech writer for U Thant in the 60s, coined the phrase Planetary Citizen on the way to creating the historical New World Alliance, now apparently defunct.

The Occupy Movement, a global announcement of dissastisfaction in leadership and a call for change, could be seen as a call for planetary citizens. Numerous groups and organizations are adopting the 12-sector model, illustrated here, as a means toward self-organization. ...and indeed, "What Would Google Do?" is worth consideration. Of course, one of the original harbingers of the need for change was the 1992 World Scientists' Warning to Humanity.

Our plan is to showcase people, places and things that are contributing to the process of establishing a new world order of harmony among people and planet. Past efforts and future endeavors culminate in collaborative action. Planetary citizens understand the term 'new world order' has mixed emotional perspectives. Our world needs a new order. Our future is maleable and unknown even with the best predictive software. Planning for a worst-case scenario may be wise, but looking for patterns that reveal a natural self-organization may help even more.

Contrary to one of the major competing thoughtforms a 'new world order' does not mean the continuation of the statusplanetary citizens, beyond separation, one planet, one people quo and control of the world economy by the corporatocracy, although one necessarily leads to the other over time as self-organizing fractals evolve. A true 'new world order' is emerging as humanity peers into the depths of what keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile and transcends all such notions. The late Khigh Dhiegh offers his version of the Planetary Citizen pledge in encourgement to us all. The Shift Movement's Wheel of Co-Creation is just one example of engaging systemic change in a holistic fashion as does the focus of the Thrive Movement.

Our executive summary invites participation with phenomenal results upon execution. It is a brilliant and timely solution to self-organization through showcasing people, places and things aligned with the new global ethic of planetary citizenship. Fill out this form and we'll send you an NDA prior to sharing our Executive Summary. Our model is an example of the shift from Ego to WEgo, an evo-leap in behavior empowered by the challenge to change from selfishness to selflessness.

We intend to align with the newly released ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards and encourage their wide-spread use in 21st Century business practices. Harmony among people and planet is the successful negotiation and transcendence of the chaos we're experiencing into a new world order of accountability and responsibility toward human and planetary needs for sustainability.

Like  The Universal Alliance, The Shift Network, Thrive and Zeigeist Movements focus on shifts in sustainability and life-enhancing technology development with their deployment of social architecture, Planetary Citizens reach out to create threads of collaboration, cooperation and unification. Showcasing results and engaging discussion will further the attention on achievements and future possibilities. The adoption and use of the 12-around-1 model is also found in IONS, HUB and Evolve.

We cite evidence of the need and solutions available from world servers throughout academia, economic restructuring, organizational development, new social architecture, scientific discovery, and technological advances that appear to be pointing toward an emerging order from the chaos of our ignorance. We consider humanity has reached this state of affairs through the best efforts of our leadership, however ineffective. We honor those who came before us, but we have reached a time for new focus and work ethic that matches our desire for change.

There has been a lack of consideration of the long-term effects of poor resource management andplanetary citizens, 8 aspects, educational, art, music, physical, health, political, environmental, spiritual, economic lack of sustainability. We have not learned the laws of nature. Change is inevitable; we can engage it through a collaborative response. how - Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything is an excellent book that offers rationale for a revival of righteousness in the sense of transparency. A promo for a television show decades ago has a similar message, but Who? unfortunately didn't get much traction then - advertisers didn't see the value.

We have a challenge to change - a shift from prior behaviors. Our existing systems need a reboot, a refreshing of focus toward life-friendly notions that move us beyond liabilities, limitations and excuses. The Valley of the Sun Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development presented their annual conference in 2010 with the theme: "The Shift: Challenge to Change - removing liabilities, limitation and excuses in the workplace." If the training and development world are sharing the message, our world is about to change dramatically from the subtle shifts in behavior. A new attitude of gratitude and understanding emerges.

Where are we headed?

planetary citizens, ministries for the 21st CenturyOur goal is to create an environment here that empowers each visitor to engage their passion for local and global action and/or service in the 21st century. Eventually you will see we are a demonstration of collaborative action, based on the accepted standards of humanitarian service organizations and the notion of making sense common. How? We start by asking better questions about shared responsibilities, benefits and values; presenting possibilities and seeking the wisdom in naturally recurring patterns that resolve into a natural order.

We're garnering attention and focus on systemic shifts that support a holistic global world view, empowering the diversity toward unity of purpose - a better world for us all. We are developing a comprehensive internal solution using an ISO 26000-based questionnaire and protocols for social responsibility within the workplace. Application of this tool empowers the systemic shift; mitigating resistance to change, buy-in from leadership and throughout the workforce.

Many people are at work in this great effort; from the trenches to the mountaintops wisdom is being shared on- and off-line. Concerted effort and arduous collaboration has been done to create the documents below, so we begin there. What evolves is our actions in alignment with these global efforts. Would you like to be invovled in this production?

As we progress and our reach increases through the personal, professional and social networks available our efforts will culminate in the building of a model village that synergizes sustainable development principles with a new understanding of social architecture that empowers excellence in all we do. Like Einstein revealed, we cannot fix a system with the tools that created it. Facebook, LinkedIn, ecademy and others provide opportunity and are underutilized for promoting business and social change.

What are we using?

World standards are evolving. Community humanitarian action fueled by economic, educational,iso 26000 social and technological needs can be more effectively engaged by planetary citizens; Cultural Creatives turned tenacious tradespersons. We suggest an initial document the serves to provide a consistent intentional level of compliance and/or service. This document, the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards, was initiated by representatives from over 90 countries. It serves as a working document for encouraging intentional action of companies and corporations toward socially responsible action. Communication of intention is a great place to start and you can get your Draft Copy here.

theory uOtto Scharmer, through his book Theory-U and coursework developed at MIT with Peter Senge, leads a concerted effort through u.lab to empower change agents around the globe. The 'practice' is through collaboration and co-presencing to create prototypes that crystalize the precepts of Theory-U into practical processes and projects for creating a better future for us all. The class size, for example of the Transforming Business, Society and Self coursework was over 32,000 students in over 180 countries. See other courses.

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is also a primary document that provides a code of ethics for general behavior. Humankind is diverse across many perspectives, yet we consider all to be planetary citizens and as such would benefit greatly from the wisdom of this declaration. We can see that maligned resources, poor fiscal management and repressed populations have created near chaos in the world. We support making sense in the promotion of responsible activity throughout all existing systems, creating a new world order of harmony among people and planet. Our internet brothers and sisters, friends and relatives help create a thoughtmosphere of good will.

What is in it for you?

As we grow into the mission and vision of Planetary Citizens, you will have access to a wealth of information; people, places and things that support harmony among people and planet. If you are adept at searching the Web you can find resources on your own, but we've made it easier to garner more with less time spent. You will gain access to resources that embrace a new millennium mindset and remain practical and pragmatic in the bridging of cultures, religions, political notions and world service. In short, you can find something of relevance for just about any topic regarding planetary citizens.... YOU.

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