The arts are obviously a crucial part of the transformation in any culture, let alone a global one for a new century. Art is life and life is art says more than words can express today. Art takes on many forms and creates even more conversations both internally within an individual’s exploration of connection and meaning as well as external as folks compare and contrast their interpretations and take aways. Our challenge is to integrate art, in all its forms, into our daily living experience as it [art] has demonstrated that we engage life differently when we are surrounded by creativity.

What is the Global Citizen Festival?

The Global Citizen Festival is an action-rewarded, awareness driven music festival, where fans engage with causes in order to win tickets. On September 29, 2012, more than 60,000 people attended the first Global Citizen Festival on the Great Lawn in New York’s iconic Central Park. The Festival featured live performances by Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, K’Naan and more.

The Festival was a live entertainment event where tickets were accessed through points earned by taking action against extreme poverty, such as signing petitions and sharing information, on behalf of the Global Citizen partners. The Global Citizens Tickets initiative will use this same strategy, digital platform and technology to spur music fans and change makers alike to take action to help benefit the world’s poor. This concert is timed to coincide with the UN Summit to raise awareness and leverage government aid.

Relations with the circus community

Cirque du Soleil contributes to the promotion of circus arts on an international scale and aims above all to act as a good citizen and as a good neighbour within this community. With its shows, Cirque du Soleil visits several countries that have well established circus communities: either traditional circus families that have been present for many generations, or contemporary circus companies that actively participate in the revival of circus arts.

In this era of globalization, circus arts are also affected by an increase in international exchanges, giving us many opportunities to play a positive role in the world circus community. In this context, we have implemented a number of ways of doing things to create and maintain harmonious relations with the circus community, for the sake of constructive dialogue, sharing and mutual know-how.

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