Air, Earth, Land and Water

Environmental organizations have led the way to exposing conditions that need attention and resolution. An Inconvenient Truth shared facts, figures and projections that challenge us all to change. How we change is as important as what we change, beginning with systems thinking. Peter Senge’s work brought systems thinking to a new level as learning organizations.

We’ll have more details and resources as we grow. With your help and/or suggestions we may demonstrate, at least virtually, what a new millennial mindset conceives to be an appropriate organizational structure and flow. Planetary Citizens are visioneers of a future dreamed into reality; coagulation of possibilities with purpose and direction.

There are many pioneers in various fields within the environmental movement that have developed solutions, yet may not have the traction to propel them forward yet. One of our goals is to garner awareness and exposure for their work; helping to share their discoveries and ways we all can participate based on our individual positions and preferences. We can make it fun and exciting to change the world.

Social Responsibility

Positive and progressive changes in social responsibility can catapult us into a new world order exampling better relations between each other and the planet. Two major events in two years are leading the way. One rather quietly, the ISO 26000 Social REsponsibility Standards and the other rather loudly, the Occupy Wall Street movement.that circled the globe in a matter of weeks. Disruption from mistrust is a good sign that things are beginning to change. Occupy Cafe is attempting to garner productive discussions to forward positive action, since the Occupy Movement itself was only raising the questions of why the 1% has such control.

Technology Advances

Moore’s Law is having an astounding affect on collaborators and society. Computing in the cloud now means we can have our heads in the cloud and be firmly rooted on our wonderful planet’s surface, too. IBM’s Smarter Planet and the Smarter Cities Challenge is leading the world toward an integrated electronic infrastructure that helps manage our people and planet’s resources better. Back in the 80s JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing was the hit.

As we get smarter, the need for humans in some jobs will decrease and unemployment could reach 90% in the current market. We’ll need to reallocate, redistribute and retrofit our lives accordingly soon. World Future Society’s 70 new jobs list for 2030 includes many jobs not even heard of today. What will our educational system need to be in order to meet these new requirements?

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