Created Circa 2000 – A dreamer masquerading as a social architect.

Building Community Conference 


A truly empowered, egalitarian, purely democratic, and caring community, at all levels, managing the essential infrastructure for sustainable living and development of future technologies. A community that truly presents collaborative solutions for any and all dysfunctional systems, which demonstrates harmony among people and planet.


To actively seek, gather and inspire individuals, groups, organizations, companies, corporations and countries to cooperate synergistically in creating harmony amongst our global society through the synergy of psychospiritual and scientific technologies in order to provide the solutions for implementation of a working model educational village to demonstrate these principles.


To create and empower local, regional, international and interstellar information exchanges for networking pertinent activities toward building a global infrastructure of interdependent organizations enabling the creation of model communities presented as Genesis in The Vision. This conference is designed to facilitate the implementation of action plans we have all been waiting for, combining the power of corporate R&D programs, educational development and community design.


Through the collaborative and cooperative efforts of individuals and groups we will demonstrate that intent with action will allow the naturally present unity among people of/with purpose to express through the diversity of all peoples, bridging cultural and historical differences, coalescing our willingness to work together toward common healthy goals for youth, our planet and ourselves.


We solicit individual, corporate and educators participation in the development and implementation of stated goal. This leads to the creation of sustainable communities synergizing psychospiritual / scientific technologies, which will facilitate the implementation of solution discoveries into existing systems, such as educational institutions and social services.


The time has come where partnering for profit must change. We have neglected basic needs of our fellow humans in order to command corporate goals to be more important in the concept of human achievement. Human nature is to care for our families, whether immediate or extended. Concern for the extended family has become an important issue in nearly all planning areas for business, corporate, educational, social and spiritual environments.

The unification of people and resources for effective community and planetary administration is imperative for our sustainable future in local and global applications. We need to shift our focus to fulfilling basic human needs first, including corporate agendas in this process and ultimately preparing our world for inclusion into universe affairs with the help of our interstellar neighbors.

What YOU can do:

Read The Vision, inquire about Building Community, get involved with an organization that is aligned with your passion, find Sponsorships for networking our collective concepts and conference capacity. We can continue on our own personal paths with renewed hope and inspiration, knowing that we will be successful because we are all pulling together now. We are all connected each has a piece and time to share.
Created Circa 2000 – A dreamer masquerading as a social architect. Regardless of the questions or tasking of the group, the format is a proven winner. Similar practices are in use for construction partnering workshops… Hyperlinks have changed over the years as we attempt to keep up with new developments.

Harmony Among People and Planet

Building community provides the framework and essential questions for developing communities that integrate social, scientific, technological and educational systems.

The evolving new world order requires our discernment and careful development of our future society.

Building Community

Including inspired youth as advisors and facilitators

Tentative Agenda

6-Day Conference Concept

Want to facilitate this Conference?


Day 1 

Essential Question: How do we work together to co-create sustainable communities and achieve a harmonic convergence of skill sets within the population?


Welcome and Explanation of Intent and Anticipated Outcomes of the Conference – Overview of what to expect for the week.

Keynote Speaker #1 – Our Vision of the Future


Brief Intros of Each Area of Focus and Facilitators – Interactive session with team development exercises for effective solutions.


Dinner and Mixer, Keynote Speaker #2 – Realizing Dreams

Day 2

Essential Question: How must we address obvious enigmatic considerations for future planning of sustainable communities?


Interactive Workshop: Infrastructure of Community- Crafting the elements and sharing considerations of new paradigm planning.


Interactive Workshop: Facilitating for the Future – Developing specific plans using the morning’s discoveries.


Dinner and Mixer, Keynote Speaker #3 – Intricacies of Infrastructure

Day 3

Essential Question: How do we integrate paradigm-shifting discoveries in human and technological development when designing sustainable communities?


Interactive Workshop: Synergizing Technologies – Using cutting edge understanding of form, fit and function in development and strategic planning.


Interactive Workshop: Applied Development Plans – Inclusion of the sciences of archology*, ergonomics, mathematics and physics.


Dinner and Mixer, Keynote Speaker #4 – Affects of Design on Consciousness

Day 4

Essential Question: How do we facilitate the myriad of programs and processes into a cohesive and collaborative environment?


Interactive Workshop: Synergizing Methodologies – Best practices in management of  delivery systems; people, time, resources and structure.


Interactive Workshop: Applied Development Plans – Human Resources and the Dynamics of ‘Jobarchy.’**


Dinner and Mixer, Keynote Speaker #5 – Bridging Worlds

Day 5

Essential Question: How do we simultaneously restructure and retool for the collective needs of the future planetary society?


Interactive Workshop: Synergizing Understanding – Acknowledging and addressing the multiple layers of involvement with existing systems.


Interactive Workshop: Applied Inclusion Plans – Creating a plan that addresses everyone’s needs, existing and perceived, toward growing and integrating systems.


Dinner and Mixer, Keynote Speaker #6 – The Future Galactic Society


Day 6

Essential Question: How can we apply the discoveries and developments of this conference toward implementation of constructing a demonstrable model community? 


Interactive Building Community Recap of the Week


Keynote Speaker #7 – Where do we go from here? Action plans for the future and committing to a plan.


Music, Dance and Party…ing words.

* Paulo Soleri coined this term for the integration of architecture and ecology.

** Jobarchy – the job is the boss and everyone participates in multiple levels of responsibility.

Q & A Potential

Building community questions and answers sessions will be included in each session with a synopsis provided at the end of the conference and posted to the world-wide web as an on-going process.

Our plans are to have virtual web-conferencing before the conference so pertinent issues can be offered for consideration as well during the workshops. We will also host a live web-cast from the conference, hopefully accessing many classrooms across the globe.

It is possible that there will be other locations involved in this conference, however the main interactivity will be in Phoenix, Arizona, USA for the duration of the conference.

It is also planned to continue focus groups to develop and implement the design and construction of our first working model by 2013ish. (missed that date) The magazine, Mission: Earth Dance, will chronicle local and global developments and discoveries in renewable resources and sustainable communities, both self-sustaining and interdependent varieties.

There is also the potential for another type of village that serves those who find themselves challenged by the existing models of community. Spectrum Academy presents and opportunity for serving the challenged youth and families who are victims of our own neglect.

Areas of Focus

Housing – Includes design, construction, ergonomics, utilities, maintenance and waste management

Human Resources – Includes induction and training of staff, health plans, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Multicultural Concerns – Includes current cultural value systems, indigenous history, religious practices, and social integration.

Communications – Includes methodologies and best practices for effective delivery and feedback systems.

Education – Includes current pedagogy issues, educational systems and developing youth and adult

Alternative Energy – Includes use of current trends in renewable environmentally sensitive resources.

Holistic Medicine – Includes the integration of psycho-spiritual, allopathic and naturopathic modalities.

Agri- Agua- and Permaculture – Includes addressing the food production needs for the 21st century’s global population.

Applied Sciences – Includes recent scientific discoveries that are affecting the way our society is developing.

Technology – Includes low-tech and high-tech products and services, developing technologies and future needs.

Multi-Media – Includes best practices in effective use for information dissemination, environmental ambiance and total immersion experiences.

Creative Arts – Includes developing individual living space, public areas and bringing new dimensions to
the study and use of art.

Auditorium/Concert Hall – Includes environmental, ergonomic and technological requirements for audiences.

Broadcasting – Includes instructional, educational, entertainment and edutainment networks.

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