Planetary Citizens understand the holistic systems in the web of life. We know that in order to shift the behavior of polluting our air, land and water we have to work together. Ecosystem regeneration in the wake of deforestation is just one of the challenges facing our future generations now. What can be done?

The ISEAL Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that codifies best practice for the design and implementation of social and environmental standards systems. From the ISEAL document… By adhering to procedures that constitute good practices for setting standards, standard-setting organisations help to ensure that the application of their standard results in measurable progress towards their social and environmental objectives, without creating unnecessary barriers to international trade.

In addition, the Standard-Setting Code can serve as a minimum bar against which to measure processes to develop voluntary standards. The intention of the Standard-Setting Code is not to promote the development of an ever increasing number of standards initiatives, but to improve consistency between standards, enhancing their effectiveness.

Consensus should be the result of a process seeking to take into account the views of interested parties, particularly those directly affected, and to reconcile any conflicting arguments.

Environmental Standards Council

From: The Center for Health Design… While we are actively engaged in ongoing standards-related initiatives with the Facility Guidelines Institute, Joint Commission and other accrediting and regulatory agencies, our Environmental Standards Council (ESC) is a volunteer group committed to improving the regulatory standards of the Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities.

The ESC is a multidisciplinary group that includes healthcare facility executives, design professionals, regulatory agents, product manufacturers and educators. The ESC co-authored the “Environment of Care” chapter in the 2006 Guidelines for Design & Construction of Healthcare Facilities. Unanimously accepted by the Guidelines Review Committee, this chapter outlines the environmental factors that contribute to patient, staff and family satisfaction as well as increased safety, fewer medical errors and a healthier financial bottom line. Learn more about the guidelines.

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