What is the Truth Now?

Ready for a deep dive into the rabbit hole? Which one? I might lose you in the transition. I’m not sure anyone knows the truth as it changes from person to person. One notion is the depopulation theme, which many of the World Economic Forum are in favor of as a precaution for the survival of humanity. There is an old agenda for control and dominance of the global population as well.

Whether there was a leak from a lab or intentional infection or simply an opportunity to use a regular ‘season’ of flu to initiate the fallacious narrative much like Bloom describes in The Lucifer Principle, the corporate take-over is in play. As a result of the scare, Big Pharma (and it’s players) initiated a contractual arrangement with governments for delivery of the jabs, along with stiff financial penalties for non-performance. Israel was first and many have followed, though it isn’t something you’ll read in the news.

The fallacious narrative, in our opinion, hasn’t included much real science, as Koch’s Postulates have never been proven. That’s okay, we still want to keep you safe and protected so we’ve designed this concoction that will help. You just have to stand in line with the others and stay in lock step with the notion of being afraid of each other. Stay away! We’ve even got tests that will prove it’s necessary. Never mind that they have harmful, sometimes deadly, chemicals in them.

This activity is and has been part of the long process of a few wanting control over the many. None Dare Call It Conspiracy revealed the potential decades ago. The many haven’t had the ways or means to stand up to it, yet. Prophecy or projection aside, the opportunity and need for humanity to gather, wise up and rise up in defiance has never been greater. The virtual world creates opportunities for gathering and gnosis to occur. The ISO 26000 is a potential tool for expansion of social responsibility, though being socially responsible doesn’t include beating someone up for refusing to wear an ineffective and harmful mask.

Can We Keep It Simply Sublime?

Enter the rabbit hole with me for a moment, please. The simple notion I present here is both operational and opportunistic as we learn more about quantum relationships and the nature of living in quantum entanglement with the unified field. It’s ‘built in’ to our evolutionary path and science is proving the sage’s proclamations of old – that we are Divine by Nature. In order for that Divine Nature to unfold, it has to have a challenge to call it forth.

Much of the advanced awareness is encapsulated in Wilbert Smith’s memoirs from his conversations with ‘people from elsewhere’ that have been in print since 1964, two years after his death. In spite of their availability, few have known about them. ‘They’ express two important factors. We do not understand ‘nothingness’ nor do we realize that half of life is inside and half outside. There are definitive inner and outer realities that are designed to eventually merge as one. Here’s the pdf

Not intending to be flippant; there is an ‘upwising’ in process for the great ‘weset’ to occur. It’s in line with the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, with the shift in resonance within bringing all that is non-compliant to the surface in our outer experience. Certainly things, like the exposure of the fallacious narrative, are tantamount to the process of an evolving planetary society aligned with universal truths. This distraction, too, shall pass, although it obviously is a strain (pun intended) on relation-ships trying to navigate the ocean of emotion to find safe harbor.

Inviting the Uncovering of New Knowledge

Meanwhile, the intention of the apocalyptic chats of many is to feed the thoughtmosphere with higher truths, revealing the false narratives and invite participation in conversations that matter. Those conversations move beyond the separative notions to illustrate how we can further understand each other by sharing more intimate processes in resolving the often conflicting journey to self-awareness and harmony with self, others and Mother Earth. It’s happening slowly through multiple avenues of activity and conversation with individuals and groups both virtually and on the ground. It’s promising. Can we discern together?

For now, the notion of appropriate attention, intention and interaction is imperative to be focuses on the ideals and interactions that bring us together, working through the challenges and separative notions by revealing what brings us together as individuated points of consciousness seeking perfected form, fit and function in the world… by design. It’s a matter of choice and discipline now. In some sense, it’s already happened and we’re just playing the roles. We’re in the experience, though. Have you succumbed or are you a valiant free thinker capable of making better choices?

Perhaps this has given you some thoughts for consideration in your quest for answers. The world is in chaos with the indecision and lack of transparency today. We know, we sense, something is amiss and yet we aren’t sure how to deal with it collectively. We’re asking a lot of important questions, or are we? In such apocalyptic times, new information comes to light. Some of it is indeed paradigm and pattern shifting, even capable of causing an upwising across the planet. We haven’t learned how to work together effectively, yet. That’s next and certainly needed as we negotiate an unknown future on many fronts.

Symbolically Speaking

Now we’re gonna go deeper down that rabbit hole. I’d like to offer one such notion regarding an ancient symbol, the TAO. We know it as yin/yang and a symbol of the balance of life. That is a two dimensional perspective; still powerful in the paradigm it presents. We have many dimensions of life and living.

Understanding that half life is within and half without, there’s a new view of the symbol – that of nothingness and light. It’s still rather two-dimensional though the concept is multi-dimensional. Let’s look at yet another possibility. Consider a three dimensional model of the symbol, looking down into a spiral that has a bi-polar ignition system vacillating back and forth. One side is ‘on’ and the other is ‘off’ in the flow of current, or light. The light is the frequency of our perfect form, fit and function as an act of free will in acquiescing to it.

As we look further, the opposite of each is within the small circle within the larger swoosh. Might this represent the DNA helix and the ignition of it through the pulsing of the light through it? There is a presentation that could be seen as a double helix from this particular point of view. In the deepest parts of our nature, we are powered by pulses of light. There is nothing in its absence. We’ve misinterpreted it as the ‘dark’ and, thus, attached all kinds of inappropriate thoughtforms to its meaning.

If you can see the possibility within the coagulation of words above, then what else might we be on the verge of discovering that unites us further? What does interpretation with knowledge and wisdom reveal? Perhaps we’ll realize the 666 as the number of man, truly, in the basic building blocks of science. We’re organic. We’re carbon-based. What is carbon? 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. There is no differentiation as ethnicity, gender, religion or political philosophy. It simply IS and we are all ONE there. Perhaps we can make the without as the within.

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