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What is in alignment with values you hold self-evident? A post-cultural, post-racial, post-nationality, post-polarity and post-religion foundation is the core of the Live and Let Live Movement. There are no separative notions in it, period. A moral and philosophical imperative is needed for our progress toward a unified platform of a simple principle – Live and Let Live.

On the surface, it may sound empty, nebulous and utopian. In practice it is everything but, and it rallies everyone in the world toward a non-aggression principle with legal and moral codes of honor for everyone.

Now, seriously, who could argue with that legitimately?

Of course aggressors, manipulators and politicians out for their own good would. Most others… NO.

Investigate for yourself. Determine for yourself whether it is in alignment with values you hold sacred. It IS catching on, with 31 chapters in 19 countries and no ‘official’ launch has happened yet. – whether you are an individual or business, join the growing numbers and encourage others. It’s the start of something BIG.

I’ve known this since my invitation to die for what I believed in, which turned out to be cosmic consciousness. That was in 1975, so I’ve bean stalked for some time, figuring out how to bring it down to earth.

Due Diligence in Decision-Making

Mironova’s dissertation sure seals the deal for proof of our genetic mutations as well, being affected at subtle levels due to the subtle changes in the energy field we’re traversing in space now, perhaps also connected with the Age of Aquarius.

There’s so much proof, however, there’s also the practical boots on the ground thing – facilitating people, places and things into a more natural alignment as well. We see signs of the organic development of self-initiated people beginning to move the needle with their collective efforts, even though they may not be aligned under one principle, yet.

The notion of ‘oneness’ that seems to scare some folks because they think they’ll lose their identity is preposterous when you consider the myriad threads as well as the division of labor needed to transform our world. Our world won’t change that much; HOW we engage it will, however. That’s the subtle adjustment of the ‘live and let live’ principle that everyone can make.

The silver lining in Covid turns out to be exactly what I told my wife I hope would be the result of the obsession on self-hygiene and sequestration back in March of 2020. That latter hopeful: that the downtime would get people to re-examine their lives, what they truly stood for and adjust accordingly. From the looks of things it is happening globally as well.

That’s extremely encouraging, even for the skeptics.

Alignment with Values

Quoting the Founder in his soon-to-be-released book, “We are not trying to smuggle in some particular philosophy under the guise of the phrase, “live and let live.”  We are genuinely, philosophically, and morally committed to the underlying principle that phrase describes.  As such, we support everything that is in harmony with the Live and Let Live Principle (“3LP”) and oppose everything that violates the 3LP.  Our position is consistent even when we discuss more complex concepts such as “government”, “the Constitution”, “law”, “law enforcement”, “Capitalism”, “Socialism” or “politics.”

Doesn’t it make sense that such a simple and profound phrase could rally a global population over time? Would you want to participate in such a movement? How? If you are interested, visit their website and join the movement, first. As I said earlier, the doors aren’t officially open yet. If you’d like to start a chapter, you’d be in great company with those who’ve already stepped up. After all, the movement is self-initiating, though it’s also unifying. I like to call it a perfect opportunity for ego to transform to wego and change the world together.

Here’s a recent conversation with the site manager/host of One World in a New World.

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  1. “it rallies everyone in the world toward a non-aggression principle with legal and moral codes of honor for everyone. Now, seriously, who could argue with that legitimately?”

    In practice most of our friends in the 99% will be agreeable and willing to pat us on the back, however without a moral responsibility that contains a duty to act on the recruitment goals, growth is painfully slow.
    Honer and responsibility are entwined where progress is required.

    Only those who are willing to trust us will take action by recruiting additional membership in the movement. With that in mind I propose a segment of my chapter of supporters who are given a 6 month time limit in which to add 2 friends to the regional chapter.

    Notions of honor and compassion (without a sense of duty to a planet under stress,) are lip service in some endeavors.

    • Duty and responsibility are absolutely imperative. Dreams of visions without action are empty, void of the attention, intention and interaction that make them real. So may leap into ‘joining’ and then do nothing. That has been the historical activity within ‘movements’ around the world. Some do succeed, and that is only because people follow through with action and passion. Truth is, any Movement is self-initiating. If people are apathetic, lazy or just too busy to take action, then they really aren’t doing much. Intentions certainly help feed the thoughtmosphere, though they don’t do much on the ground. Thanks for the insights.

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