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Do we really know the extent of the happenings in the world today and ‘why’ they exist?

The banks learned from early last century that war is profitable and that ‘democracy’ can be used as a tool for profit, with narratives created and injected into the gullible who are easily deceived and polarized. What once was deemed ‘conspiracy theory’ seems to be staring us in the face with the obvious media manipulations intended to separate people and fuel a false notion of ‘enemy.’ Did we forget that we met the enemy and it’s us?

Why do we need enemies? Can we see through the façade of a false narrative on several fronts that keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile? The real war isn’t in the Ukraine at all, it’s in the aggressive acts to control and manipulate a global population in an attempt to ‘unify’ under false pretenses in order to feed the coffers of a few.

Our ability to engage critical thinking has been minimized by complete media control. We’ve forgotten ancient wisdom in the greetings of old, like In lak’ ech, namaste and even shalom. Each recognizes a natural state of connectedness. We spend our lives seeking it, when it’s been there all along. And yet we find ourselves polarizing in the play as if it was perfectly scripted to do so.

How much longer will we be deceived and diminished by such activity?

Just a brief bit of recent history reveals that it isn’t Russia that’s the bad guy, yet nearly every institution is lining up to punish Russian people because they’ve been made out to be the bad guy. People are buying it, swallowing the pill without ever asking what it is. Do we even consider that the two break-away regions in the Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk have been attacked repeatedly by Ukrainian forces to keep them from seceding. ‘Western’ influences embedded in the Ukraine want to make it appear that Russia is attacking when they are protecting instead.

Seriously, would a guy who flew medical staff and supplies to Italy in the harshness of the pandemic turn and attack another country for any reason? Just think about that for a moment. It just makes no sense at all. Still, those affected by the narrative have an impossible task of gaining clarity about the situation. The fall back is succumbing to the media message and it happens nearly effortlessly. Just look at the slurry of posts on social media platforms. The polarization is popular. What if it wasn’t?

What is the sorrow? Why is there sorrow? How are we affected by the sorrow? When will we let it dissolve and resolve to rise above it and do what good humans do? Who among us can stand in their full agency and authority and call out this atrocity? Who among us can call out the reality of fact beyond fiction? Who among us can stand in solidarity in being good humans and resist the insidious and surreptitious acts of aggression toward anyone’s freedom? You and I have the duty to do so.

If we want peace, then how can we support the polarity that produces war? We are all capable of being good humans, caring and compassionate toward one another. Who is causing us to be otherwise? These are the insidious aggressors. The power of the people united can put a halt to their activity. Much has already happened with freezing accounts and sanctions toward Russians everywhere. Doesn’t that reek of insanity to any normal human being? These acts are retractable, though much damage has already been done.

What is truth?

The truth is we all feel & think. We all know this activity feels wrong, but we’re apt to find fault in the wrong places because we’re being told to look there. We don’t question why we feel this constriction of our mind, body and spirit in the flow of life even in our immediate and safe environments. Why do we all feel this? Do we all feel this? How can this feeling change? We all come into this life and leave this life the same, so what we do while we’re here matters. Our beliefs don’t matter. Our actions do.

Are we all sons and daughters of Akhal Murat/Allah/Brahma/Father/God/Shiva/Yahweh? We may think we’re different, unrelated, yet we’re on one planet, not several. We share a surface, sky and weather, though living conditions vary. We pound our chests because we have dominion, yet completely miss the notion of being good stewards in that dominion. Selfish acts are rewarded. That’s a common belief and has led many to riches. It’s also skewed our world toward the quest for power and control. Some got there early and believe their ways to be supreme, no matter the casualties or consequences.

Why the distinctions of the same Being? We’re certainly not in competition for inner truth, or are we still? Is there an inner truth looking place that is ubiquitous, accessible to all? Simple observations of our past and present wayshowers indicate this is so. We all feel the same way, hold the sacredness of life intact even when we choose or are forced to take it. Each of us has a moment, perhaps just an instant, of knowing the taking of life is abhorrent to our collective central beliefs.

Can we even agree on what our Creator(s) intended for us?

Do we contemplate our reason for being here now? What if we did? What might the reasons be? Do we believe there is a reason? Is that reason specific to the individual or to a collective? If there were a reason, what might its simplest answer be? Are we even willing to ask those kinds of questions of ourselves?

Is our inner connection ubiquitous or limited by beliefs, books and buffoonery? All the reflections from sages and teachers of methods or practices to access this inner connection are as diverse as the individual experience, yet there is an experience. Is there an experience of it beyond the words or incantations, beyond the individual? Because of our conditions in First World countries, we have copious amounts of time to explore these questions individually, yet we still haven’t been able to meet collectively outside the frameworks that keep us feeling like we’re disconnected.

Anything outside of us gives us the chance to argue, to misunderstand and to create separative notions as a result, however unintentionally. What unites us? Our air, water, land, hydrogen, carbon, feelings, thoughts and congruence with a sense of humanity, perhaps even a rediscovery of what might have been latent inside of us all along?

What is inside? Do we even know?

What happens when we close our eyes? All the outer distinctions disappear and there is no separation; only ONE is there in the silence, speaking to us from within, each the same. Our world is in chaos, perhaps as a result of our inner chaos or simple lack of attention to the senses we hold sacred, those of care and compassion for others.

How can we demonstrate a different way that honors those senses and puts an end to the aggressors? We’re told there is a way, a witness to this inner truth looking place that can emerge in each of us. It feels like we’re a pregnant pause at present. We need to take our fingers off the pause button and let flow what will, knowing the fulfillment we’ll experience by doing so. We might even get a glimpse of things beyond our world that offer solace, too.

Sure there is chaos and confusion in making the choice to do something that will make a difference. You can make a difference right where you are at, simply by changing how you think about the attraction of polarization and resist it. If you can even just take a breath and feel deeply a sense of divine order, even if it looks like chaos, division and war in the moment, you will change. Even one person that changes their feelings by choice has an affect on the whole.

Perhaps we’re entering a grand conclusion of the great experiment: Can we get along and sustain humanity’s progress toward the unified field? Can we experience and share love?

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  1. the most important concept for Planetary Citizens to conteemplate, is e = mc2 = love

    IMHO this formula combined with other transformative processes accelerates enlightenment.

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