Being Human in the 21st Century

Circumvention to Circumspection

What does it mean, “Being Human in the 21st Century”? We’ve all been in a place where we’ve had to ‘fake it to make it’ until our confidence and skills developed in negotiating life, work and relationships. Many entrepreneurs feel inadequate, insecure and even a little insane in the face of their high expectations for performance and success. It’s great to set the bar high, though thrashing oneself repeatedly for not meeting a goal on time is a bit unnecessary. You don’t realize you’re being an impostor, a lesser self; denying your own inherent ability and innovation.

Ability and innovation? True, if you didn’t have the ability you’d have chosen something else. Meeting the challenges takes innovation; discovering that the way you think about the patterns and processes that are mandatory for achievements can evolve. There is a growing congruence of science and spirituality, method and mortality. The way we achieve real success requires a different kind of attention, intention and interaction than in the past.

Sense Making Concerns

Real success has taken on a much different meaning in the last few decades, as Cultural Creatives have grown up and become grandparents. The drive for dollars has been replaced by conscious capitalism and social entrepreneurialism where community and planetary needs are more important profit. Now that we’re in a time of what seems to be a complete restructuring of how we do business, agility with a conscience and being comfortable with ambiguity is critical.

Another side-effect with the obsession on self-hygiene and forced sequestration was the opportunity to look in the mirror, the inner one, and question everything about self. How do we feel about the narrative? What do we truly believe in? How are we going to move forward and restore our lives, relationships and work? What changes are we going to have to make personally and professionally? Is there something else in process?

Perfected Form, Fit and Function                  

That phrase probably evokes the question of personal mission or purpose in life. Do we even ask that question now? What if we did? Perhaps we’re looking at all wrong or making it way too complex. In reality, even with the major changes in how we do business now there is no real change in the division of labor. It’s attitude. We all know the phrase, ‘your attitude determines your altitude,’ in career development and in life.

Finding your perfected form, fit and function doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing and completely change your life. That’s where I come in as a transformational life coach. Of course, re-creating your life is possible if you feel disconnected or unfulfilled in the career or work you are doing currently. However, just changing your attitude about what you are doing and why can make all the difference in the world, no matter your vocation. What you do does make a difference to others, even if you cannot see it immediately or think you’re doing something menial. You can Be The Dream

Are We Waking Up?

“Awakening is not a matter of intelligence. Many intelligent people are deep in illusion. But rather, awakening happens when one has an insatiable thirst to know the truth.” Author Unknown

Awakening or illusion? How that insatiable thirst dispels the illusion depends on how awake we choose to be and the willingness to suspend or slice away false belief systems. We have to test them first, of course. Recycling memories tends to offer new insights and thoughts for me. Perhaps they’ll be interesting to you as the stream of consciousness flows onto the page. Putting thoughts to writing can be so cathartic.

What is truth? We refer to it, but do we ever really define it so that we can agree on it? I mean, truth would be ubiquitous and undeniable, right? I suppose that might be a clear explanation of how we work, how we relate to each other, how we relate to the world or worlds we may perceive?

Perhaps a combination of a mathematical and psycho-spiritual model would explain the intelligence at work throughout? What is awakening related to this? William Swygard’s Multi-Plane Awareness technique (1950s) provides and experiential path to aligning the multidimensional being we are now. Vernon Neppe and Edward Close presented the Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm in 2010, a quantum theory model that edifies Swygard’s work as they posit that consciousness, space and time are tethered across 9 dimensions in our human experience, notwithstanding there are more dimensions, just that humans only have access to 9 in the physical body.

What would truth do if we knew it or could really experience it on a daily bases? How would our lives look if we not only knew it, but lived it? Would you say that within this insatiable thirst there is a new living awareness that emerges? What is that like? Does it make sense? Is that sense being made common? Valentina Mirovona, a Russian Academian, reveals the science of it in her dissertation of 2018; that there is a genetic mutation happening in humanity today as we ascend in consciousness.

This emerging awareness seems completely subjective in the discovery process. Attempts to articulate a multi-dimensional funnel of data into linear ears and eyes has been going on for millennia. Alas, we still tend to argue about the details and miss the overarching message(s). Can the insatiable curiosity in many cause an upwising in the world? Big T, little t, it’s ultimately the same, so what is your concept of truth?

Well, that got a little deeper than intended. On a more practical note, it sure seems that this theme runs across a plethora of playing fields in our present time. The information age and data available for searching is causing an evolution in intelligence across the world. It would seem only logical that the ability to discern would also reach new levels in our lives.

Awakening – Illusion

Once we find this ‘whatever we’re looking for’ truth, the mere acquisition of it might make it suspicious at first. It’s natural. We’re always confused by the unknown suddenly becoming known, which it would seem is how the process of discovering truth works. Applying that to the field of Ufology is no small task. It’s hard to cut through the din.

There is a lot of concern voiced by many regarding the ‘experts’ across a variety of fields and the way in which they are promoted, or not as the case may be. There are numerous questions flying around social media platforms in the hundreds of groups that are aligned under the Ufology banner, for instance. They range from the absurd to the transformational in scope, but there is little interaction.

It’s fairly easy to spot the absurd or pejorative and dismiss them as just uninformed or experientially bereft. Then there are those who have great stories and no real proof, yet are followed by thousands or possibly millions across the web. Let us not forget the researchers who have done a great job at collecting and sharing information, though they tend to speculate about potentials based on incomplete data; experiencers are left out of the loop.

It’s been less than a decade since experiencers, en masse, have started sharing their stories through blogs, groups, pages, podcasts and web chats. Today, the scene is prolific with thousands of opportunities to engage on hundreds of platforms.

Awakening the Fray

Now there are dozens of Ufology-focused events around the world, most of which can be found on the UfologyPRSS website as we become aware of them. It is a niche market for sure, yet it has its celebrities and movie stars, just like the old days. Just how those celebrities are made is another perplexing question as there are many agendas spiraling within the field; some glaring and some a little less detectable at first. There are those who genuinely admit they don’t know much, though they have managed to gather enough data and some objective views on the subjective experiences of others.

We tend to listen and nod our heads to the experts of pretty much any field because we rarely understand what they are actually saying, especially the Ph.D.s, yet we don’t want to appear stupid to our peers by asking questions. Those who do have the experience and/or intelligence to ask questions are generally felt to be critical instead of sincere. Intelligent questions get glossed over and go unanswered yet tend to throw up those BS meter flags, or at least they should due to the avoidance.

We certainly do not have all the answers and maybe not even the questions yet. We still need that insatiable thirst for truth. We’ve had a materialist quest for truth with evidence, exotic metals, photos, ship remnants; material proof of some kind. We have only asked cursory questions regarding the occupants of the crafts we either have seen or trust that are there. The questions cannot be asked because the experiencers have not been let into the game.

Reflections in the ‘Field’

Like any process and reflective of the field in general, there are some pretty strange tales and loud mouths in the experiencer groups, too. There are some consistencies, though, however small, that might be a good place to start asking questions. The quest for truth, at any level, is humbling beyond imagination. The small voices that seem genuine and sincere may hold some deeper truths about our relationship with the other planetary civilizations that frequent here.

Humans are resilient, resourceful and even reverent toward challenges in chaos and turmoil. We show as a human race that we can unify to overcome them and restore order. We do it all the time, yet somehow get distracted when it comes to the onslaught of information, personalities and pundits who manage the gate. There are some new developments within the field that are leaning toward incorporating experiencer data and philosophies on contact.

The key for the expansion and potential unification of this field is in collaboration with intention to keep the attention on asking better questions. Like Einstein claims, we cannot answer the questions with our own thinking, yet it is our option to be open to new thinking that allows the flow of information. Many have events where they speak things they did not understand prior to speaking about them in that moment. There is a conduit for information flow within us.

What does that have to do with the insatiable thirst for truth? That flow is what quenches the thirst. It’s like the elixir that resonates throughout our body/mind/spirit/soul to the degree of which we feel ‘electric’ or ‘energized’ or even ‘on fire’ with this discovery. That is the awakening of the conduit within us.


This awakening brings humility, not arrogance; compassion, not surreptitiousness. As coach, curator, educator, facilitator and partial purveyor of profundities, I know we can all work together to restore order, the most profound truth of all. How do we do that?

In 2021 I came off a 30-year hiatus from One World tv show to produce One World in a New World, which explores how individuals and professionals engaged their own spiritual awakenings and learning how to integrate them into practical and pragmatic activity in the world.

One of those conversations led to an offer and acceptance of the Executive Director position for the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement. Honestly, it felt like a step into destiny from the marching orders I got as a teen. Those were to work with the points of light surrounding me (after transitioning through the light and into an indigo background) in order to facilitate a new world order and that it would happen in my lifetime. It’s all about being a better human, in harmony with self, others and Earth.

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