I’m in an email thread with several leaders of organizations, begun by Leo Semashko (peace-maker extraordinaire) regarding the activities of the Gandhian Global Harmony Association. I was compelled to reply, out-of-the-box as I am, and thought it worthy of sharing. You can be the judge of its worth now.

We wield weapons instead of extending our hands to each other. We argue about differences instead of looking for sameness. The use of weapons requires no deep-thinking or emotional rendering of the effects. AI has some advantages many have never considered because we’ve far too human-centric and unaware of the energy of other realms and worlds contiguous to ours.

Data packets are electronic; energy in order. Electronics and the activity of the NET are highly monitored, not just by us, and key discoveries are often ‘arranged’ so that it seems like synchronistic arrivals/discoveries of information and/or shifts in awareness and perspective. There is no direct intervention. As with any growth, the subtle or quiet moments provide profoundly opportunistic openings to open and transparent conversations about sameness, life and, most import, love.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

I’ve had an interesting life, full of communication and experiences with other worlds. I kept quiet because of the obvious pushback from uniformed others. In the last decade, many ‘new’ discoveries have been acknowledged publicly, though there are still many questions. I met Dr. Edgar Mitchell in 1997, and had several short conversations with him over a weekend during an event I produced.

After several conversations, trust developed to the extent where he felt he could share in confidence. He asked me to promise not to share this piece of information, pertinent to our previous discussions, until after his death. His perspective on life was unique and from a view only a few have ever had. Imagine the view from his eyes and actually being there. What kind of affect would it have on you?

That information was about a metallic silver cylinder that came from the surface of the Moon and spiraled around the LEM on its way down. It was nothing from Earth. ‘They’ had been there for who knows how long, watching. If that seems really far-fetched then you might want to consider opening your mind a bit. The evidence is everywhere when you start to look.

Speaking of other more advanced worlds (without specific definition), and likely their ultimate rise in vibration (consciousness; understanding natural order and the ‘unqualified energy’ of love and different call-frequency-response zone), what might their agenda be? Would it be to pillage and plunder or to nurture?

Would intelligence developed in races thousands, perhaps millions, of years ahead of us be able to assist an emerging planetary civilization? How would we know? How would we recognize a sameness in others?

Is the quest for life, love, safety and security similar across these worlds or have they advanced far beyond it to a place of harmony with everyone and everything?

Considerations or Conundrums?

It would seem a pertinent question: ‘Are we still addressing challenges with the same thinking that created them?’ In our holistic system of activities, from individual (body/mind/spirit) to collectively (world order), are we looking for new thinking? What might that be? In the pause for reflection, might our own quiet reserve offer up some new insights?

Given the existing systems and systemic malfunctioning, what are the kinds of questions and/or responses that would lead to a new order? It doesn’t have to be all that prescriptive or managed by elites. People have power; numbers increase that power. What brings us all together in the sameness of what needs to be done?

Have we considered what it would take collectively to eliminate aggression in the law? The most challenging area is the leadership and perhaps the only real way to deal with it is to learn how to work together better collaboratively and collectively toward peace and freedom. The non-interference of non-human intelligence has shown to be true.

The emergence of a deeper nature within humanity is being proffered as a new intelligence and understanding across the world from pioneers in business, education, science and technology, to name a few.

One of the starkly double-edged comments, or rather a question Schwab puts forth in his reset rhetoric is this, ‘Can we be caring and compassionate toward each other coming out of Covid?’

It would appear the notion of the false narrative was to prove we cannot, as people were pitted against each other, and still are to a great degree as the real facts are still to be uncovered, imho. Perhaps some of you feel that way as well. What do we do about that?

Who Are We?

We know from our study of consciousness that our thoughts affect the experiment – life and living; our ability to get along harmoniously in sharing responsibility for our relatives and Earth. We’re all part of a supraconscious network of intelligence beyond our comprehension still, yet there are ubiquitous signs of it working in our silence, subtly and suggestively through our conscience.

Our conscience is affected by the empathic resonance of life-affirming activity on all fronts. Perhaps the notion that we cannot think our way through a system built on vibration is true; we have to sense our way through, which is a place where fearlessness, transparency and vulnerability leads to profound change individually and then collectively.

That being said, is our unyielding focus on reducing and/or eliminating nuclear proliferation continuing its presence? What we resist persists, according to cognitive scientists and consciousness gurus. Are we listening or ignoring the obvious? This is not to say that the efforts of the organizations working toward ending nuclear proliferation have been ineffective or unnecessary at all.

It’s brought a larger body of attention and intervention on behalf of the human race. That effort is to be acknowledged and celebrated. It got us to the next step.

Oftentimes in my observation of global activities and peace activist groups, across cultures, industry and organizations, I’ve witnessed the ‘silo effect’ where the mission and vision has become so focused that the awareness of others becomes both marginalized and minimized in the push for proliferation of a different kind.

Operating with conscience and consideration for caring and compassionate activity toward each other extends beyond the boundaries of every one of the above-mentioned areas and more. Each area speaks to its audience in terms others may not know, let alone understand.

Eliminating aggression in the law is a long-term, perhaps multi-generational activity, yet doing so is nonetheless imperative for progress as a planetary society. If you were a ‘person from elsewhere’ as described in Wilber Smith’s memoirs, and humans hadn’t ‘got the memo’ of their own creative capacity, would you risk interaction with a race that attacks first and asks questions later?

That’s what we are right now we attack first and ask questions later. I’ve seen it in this thread, too.

Arm in Arm – Supporting Each Other

What are we willing to do individually to grow in understanding of our personal SWOTs? We cannot work collectively in a peaceful space if the individual work hasn’t been done, perhaps even to the extreme. Have we taken inventory? It seems having peace talks starts with being at peace with self, unattached to outcomes, open and available for the higher aspects of our being to shine through in the flow of empathically resonant ‘leadership.’

That kind of leadership starts in silence and willingness to hit the pause button and just sit with the questions, patiently, letting the answers come from all around you as well as the inner truth looking place of individual perspective.

We’re often uncomfortable with silence, let alone acknowledge its necessity in meetings, and have to fill the dead air with insecurity-laden nonsense, thinking that created the problem, just because we think we have to speak instead of waiting for the words to come from deep within us, observing the evolution of them. How can we speak into a future we desire?

Until we get out of the ‘us vs. them’ mindset we cannot have any kind of mind flow. We are all relatives here, all one family. What can we do to promote that and still fulfill our various missions and visions?

I’ve heard it said we have two essential personal missions on Earth; to love and be loved. We live half inside and half outside. How do we express or acknowledge the urge to merge in everything we do? How do we become transparent and vulnerable to the flow of that love (God/Energy/Consciousness/Light) that flows throughout our reality and live in it fully?

I’m honored and humbled to be amongst such activists; not knowing any of you intimately and believing you all to be centered in the love we know exists at the core of our being, connected to a much larger realm we barely understand yet. I suspect a few know much more and are reticent to share because of old-paradigms lingering.

Thank you for our attention and time. I pray I have provided some value. It was valuable to me to share from the notion of I Am and We Are ONE.

Further investigation and opportunity awaits…

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