Obfuscated Term at Best – An Old World Order upgrade

un new world orderIt’s really a shame that the UN term ‘new world order’ is so misused. Because it represents an obfuscated ‘old world order’ attempting to redefine itself, the notion is naturally charged with fear. They (and we, apparently) take a real possibility and dismiss it out of hand because the immediate response is one of condemnation. A truly NEW world order of working together for the common good through the inner nature birthing a new living awareness of conscious participation is where we need to focus attention, intention and action. We need a soular revolution.

Whether we believe in the UN or Agenda 21 or 2030 or any of the overarching reaches of those who think they are in charge of humanity is moot. We have concurrent agendas, one imposed and one inspired. The notion of a soular revolution is perhaps perceived as naive or too simple for many to grok, let alone empower. If we truly understand how consciousness works and that our focused thoughts can have incredible results within the constructs of human interaction, we might just redirect the masses to a system of love, powered by light.

Real Evidence of Another Way

Serious practitioners, students of esoteric wisdom and explorers of consciousness within the last century have discovered much and shared profusely, from self-awareness and following synchronicity to shifting the manner in which we consider approaches to the unknown with less fear and greater openness. We’re in the midst of changing from one age to another… let us flow in congruence with the higher realms of manifestation and leave the ‘old world order’ in the dust. 😉 People of conscience are ingenuous, innovative and inventive when given opportunity and support.

The proposed UN New World Order restrictions that are intended to support sustainable development still deal with old patterns of behavior and out-dated technology. If we are going to establish something better, we need better people in charge and whatever leadership is in place needs to recognize the intelligence and innovative qualities of truly future-minded experts in their fields who can facilitate an evo-leap of applied sciences, including psycho-spiritual. It is the next logic step in the development of a planetary society, not a dystopian corporate regime, and we need to call upon that reality as well.

An effective planetary administration isn’t an arbitrary rule maker or global resource manager. It brings intelligent behavior into focus, considering local economies and communities that provide goods and services and how those most effective systems can be networked or shared. It looks at global distribution systems and organizes more effective and purposeful use of resources. We know that governments are extremely wasteful, with no individual concern for the people, places and things and best use of energy and resources in the majority of its officials and workers.

Our Challenges

Governments, especially China’s Communist Party, seem to have no real respect for human life or planetary sustainability, only power and control of people, places and things. UN discussions will never change that, only the Chinese people will and unfortunately many would probably die in the process (and have), but it would be a far better death with purpose. Will people of any nation risk their lives to rise up and demand a better way of life? No doubt few would at present. It’s not bad enough yet.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak came from a bio-weapon research lab. Why on Earth would you create a deadly bio-weapon with no antidote or vaccine? The world shuttered, economies crashed and people became more suspicious, even of their friends and neighbors now. The population is the largest in history and experiences the greatest emotional distance from each other. Will people ever have the guts to stop being afraid and act in love toward one another? Oh, that’s naive and silly. Love is so disrespected today.

What this obfuscated UN New World Order causes to happen instead is the division of society, through a pandemic that socially distances and therefore emotionally distances people from each other, more than likely making them less sensitive to the needs of others and more focused on their self-indulgence (safety and supplies).  A self-serving society already, this only exacerbates an already incredible emotional deficit from capitalistic endeavors, chronic trauma and consumerism. We’ve gotten fat, just like the cow. Are we ready for the slaughter, too? Perhaps the obsession on self-hygiene and social distancing will give folks an opportunity to reflect, to clean up their inner act – how they think about who they are and what they can accomplish.

Imagine what a real and true ‘New World Order’ would look like in harmony with people and planet needs. Can you envision that at all? Ask for it to appear, knowing there is a way for it to even if it isn’t clear yet. Below is a discussion on that concept of a real New World Order between two great luminaries.

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  1. Zen – love you:- thed Order. as we redefine the manner in which the UN operates through the development of the United Nations Resident Coordinator and the UN Office of the Future – our language will be more consistent.

    I will forward shortly an two hour presentation of the work I have done for the past thirty years – leaving out my connection to the eagle and the Condor – which coincidentally you witnessed long before we presented in CHichen Itzah in 2012 – connecting the energy of the Eagle and the Condor.


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