Points of Light

We ask questions and ponder paths, imagining possibilities for creating a sustainable world, a new order of these points of light. Current quantum theory indicates we have more capacity for becoming self-aware and managing our reality better; individually influencing a collective consciousness. Now the thousand points of light has a whole new meaning.

On the theme of destiny or fate, or even just making better choices, does synchronicity have anything to do with it? How do we access a clearer path toward self-actualization and self-realization that benefits us all? Asking the right questions and acquiescing to the answers means we don’t force issues, we wait for the response.

If we consider the notion of creating our reality, does that eliminate determinism or is it complementary? How specific is the form, fit and function for us and a prudent path in the world?
Does this commitment take free will away or refine it with discernment and wisdom? Will knowing more have an effect on our activity in the future? Is your shift in awareness going to impact the world around you? How do you know?

ZERO to ONE, Making Our Way Toward a Conscious Civilization is an exploration of the systems already present within each of us. We’ve had little open access. According to ancient wisdom; the prudent path appears to those who are intent on finding it. A new order brings opportunity for greater unity and coherence in efforts.

Further Considerations

After some considerations, I’ve learned that an experience system within the contact scenario, the collection of sensory perceptions gathered over an array of intentional and occasionally unintentional events, develops through feeling things out. Everything is vibration, right? That includes everything in nature, which means it is, by default, a part of consciousness. It’s not separate. This is a new order to many, points of light.

So we feel first, obviously, our bodies are the receptors of the signals (actually transceivers) and illustrate that nature, according to the indigenous ways, the gut feeling is our first connection with our environment or outer reality. We send from there, too. It’s downright reciprocal, but we usually aren’t conscious enough to realize it, let alone observe and learn.

I agree also with our innate ability, often unrecognized, of naturally reaching out to perceive ‘what is’ in a kind of constant reciprocal event. Structurally I think it is a synergy of chakras, meridians and ‘clair-alls’ (send/receive circuits) that is at work always. Again, we aren’t aware enough to deepen and/or expand our moments of coherence it seems. Sometimes we are.

We often hear of the notion that we create our reality. It has occurred to me, and I wonder if, the way in which we create reality is the interaction between the positive thought (or negative), neutral object and the electromagnetism attracting loose and/or shared electrons of people, places and things that resonate. It’s the spook and spooky action at a distance thing applied locally.

It seems that this is a recurring theme, yet I don’t find it articulated as a consideration in discussions regarding contact and its significance. I mentioned this earlier – Attention, intention and action move matter in ways we do not understand, yet we experience as manifestations of things we’ve asked for, planned for, even prayed for in our lives.

Another Possibility

new order - soular revolutionMany are accustomed to the toroidal magnetic field as a consideration for the energy field the body emits, or any cosmic body for that matter. Based on the information provided so far, consider innumerable energetically sensitive tendrils going out and in with each heartbeat, primarily through the chakras and meridians, like a self-generated pulsing magnetic field, sharing and receiving information constantly. Is this a new order of points of light or simply one that we’ve missed?

Though the inclusion of the above is certainly perceivable as simultaneous actions, the depth of awareness necessary to experience the events in the body rarely occurs. Even the notion of it can have profound effects on one’s experience in the world. The condensation of consciousness in the body is our first entrance into the world at birth.

So the body is how the mind interacts, yes, inextricably connected, and yet the body is the primary data collector and translates naturally in the brain when allowed to do so. Thinkers that we are, this process usually gets sidetracked by our distractions of attention.

However, we can override that through the use of free will and learning how to make appropriate choices. There’s no manual on that, though there are many instructional books and videos as well as individuals who’ve at least mastered some of the process. Alas, ignoring the sensations from the body is an option always. Whether we perceive (become aware) or not, the system is always working. A new order composed of our individuated points of light is coming.

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